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Pavlin Petrov


Trancefusions 030 Guest Artist - Pavlin Petrov (Bulgaria)

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Style: House, Deep House, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
File size: 200 MB
Tempo: 122 BPM
Others: Radio Show
Added on: 18 Aug. 2018
Uploader: Pavlin Petrov

Trancefusions episode 30 is up on the webosphere for all of you to enjoy. Life's getting quite busy once again, however enjoying it all and busy is good. :)

We've got another highly talented progressive artist joining Trancefusions...Mr Pavlin Petrov. He's been around for around 15 years producing top quality underground progressive house and has released on loads of labels. Vesta Records, Bonzai Progressive, Deepersense Music and Suffused music to name a few.

He'll be bringing a deep progressive set in the 2nd hour of the show. The first hour has a Deepersense Music twist to it this month. I recently bought a pile of new music on there and thought to feature quite a few of them on the show. Also in this set there's recent releases from Airwave, some awesome remixes from fellow Aussie Matter, a remix of a Digital Blonde & Simon Monticar collaboration.

As always, a huge thank you to Pavlin Petrov for taking the time to bring his sound to the show. Please follow and support Pavlin here...

Deepersense Music is run by today's Birthday Boy CJ Art and he's got a few tracks in my set. This is an incredible lable with loads of ethnic infused, dark, atmospheric themed tracks, well worth a visit.

I've also given a big shout out to Rory @ Rawlite for inviting me to play last weekend at Unity Bar. I had a blast and can't wait to do it again.

Lastly, I've recently taken part in a music producing workshop run by Mr Tim Penner. We're 5 weeks into the course and it's been an awesome learning experience. If anyone is out there that wants to learn the basics of producing in a group format, jump on this!!!

1) Hemisphere - Earthly Conditions (Original MIx)
2) Lymbic - ESK8 (Original Mix)
3) Experimental Feelings - Moonlighting (Original Mix)
4) Kintar, Delum - Sophie (Matter Remix)
5) Mathov - Lyon (Original Mix)
6) Chris Sterio, GuyRo - Zen (Matter Remix)
7) Mlab - Aurora (Original Mix)
8) CJ Art - Metaphysica (Rephysited Dub)
9) Airwave - Rain Upon My Skin (Original Mix)
10) Mathov - Darkness Resurge (Original Mix)
11) CJ Art - Forsaken Place (Original Mix)
12) Quadran - Forgive Me (Subtara Remix)
13) Chandrama - Lost Temple (CJ Art Remix)
14) The Digital Blonde, Simon Motnikar - Subversive World (Reconceal Remix)

TRACKLIST (Pavlin Petrov)
1) MˆRCY - Black (Original Mix)
2) Rise and Fall - Wasted (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
3) Alejandro R - Blood_Moon (Original Mix)
4) Solomun - Medea (Ataman Live Remix)
5) Matt Minimal - Signal (Ataman Live Remix)
6) Pavlin Petrov - Supersonic (Original Mix)
7) Costantino Canzoneri - Sneer (Original Mix)
8) Lu George & Juan M. - VHS (Original Mix)
9) Steve Sai - The Void (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
10) The Organism - Pride (Original Mix)
11) John Creamer & Stephane K - Forget The World (Pavlin Petrov Remix)

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